Bitumen Content Furnace By Ignition Method
26 November 2017
Asphalt Sieve Set
26 November 2017

PAV, according to Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) instruction it simulates the ageing the service oxidation ageing of asphalt compound materials It is according to ASTM standard D6521 And AASHTO standard method R28.

PAV system komplete with ASME – code stainless steel box comprising heater , stainless steel pressure cabin ,sensible sample holder capable to hold 10 pcs sample simultaneously , 1 set totally 10 pcs TFOT sample tray, pressure controller , pressure and temperature measure unit , sample placing and take out spatula.
Specification of general system:
compact, desc top type and with internal pressure cabin.
pressure cabin lid can be opened over a support shoe for easy manuplation of samples.
internal timer unit shows the total excess time exept user defined entered values during 20 hours test.(this lasts approx. 10 min during 20 hours test )
device shows max. and min. temperatures at the end of test.
Optional battery (ups or battery) holds the system in function in case of enegy intruption or volatility
optional remote control and data collection system enables to control the device over ethernet or modem.

Technical specifications:
Construction; desc top type , with internal pressure cabin and heater.
Sample capacity ; 10 (TFOT sample trays included).
Vertical loading and fixture; 0.05 mm parallelism.
Front panel screen; 4 rows , 20 characters , lightened, LCD screen , 4 function button, 4 way button and enter/ cancel button.
Optional battery system: min.4 h.

Test Parameters:
Working pressure; 2.10 ±0.05 Mpa (21 bar).
Temperature interval; 90°C _ 110°C.
Temperature control; platinium RTD, microprocessor based.
Temperature control accuracy; ±0.1°C.
Test temperature distribution ; ±0.5°C.
Reach time to preconditioning temperature; 3 h (at ambience temperature ).
Excess temperature control; internal high temperature alarm(135°C) thermal closing key (170°C).

Pressure cabin:
features:ASME code chapter VIII, 1. item1992 A93
Max. pressure; at 120°C , 2.24 Mpa (22.4 bar).
Pressure safety valve; 2.24 Mpa (22.4 bar).
Air inlet ; ¼ inch male NPT.

Power; 230 VAC 50/60 Hz.
Pressure air; 2.24 Mpa (22.4 bar) pressure source (dry air).
Sensible , safe and user friendly
As the procedures are simple , man can test with 3 buttons:

1) Press the button “Heat”.
2) once the device states , place the samples.
3) press “Age”.

PAV test will be finished automatic.